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.NET is an open source, cross-platform software that helps developers build various dynamic applications. This software was originally designed for Windows and Linux, and MacOS. .Net is widely used by developers as it provides various tools, libraries and programming languages for developing various types of applications. One can learn all the functioning of this framework by joining Best Dot Net training.  


There are various programming languages that are available to its users. Users can use C #, F # and visual basics to create their applications on .net. In total, they are designed and developed by Microsoft. Irrespective of the language used, the applications will run in their native language in any operating system due to .net’s cross-platform features.


Designed and developed by Microsoft in the year 2002, the first version of .net was 1.0. Today after so many years it has successfully marked its position in the market with the latest version being 4.5.1. Nowadays many companies, like TCS, Infosys, Accenture, Wipro, Cognizant, HP, mobile, micro-services, desktop, games, machine learning, cloud, and more IoT. There are many Dot net courses that help the candidates in brushing up their skills.


Let us now have a look at the main components of .net:


  • Common Language Runtime (CLR): It is the virtual machines for the .net framework. CLR is the runtime environment where the codes are processed. This service makes the development process easier by offering different services, such as type-safety, remoting, memory management, thread management, robustness etc. CLR is further categorized into different parts, like:


  • Garbage Collector: This helps in eliminating unwanted resources when they are no longer required. For instance, it would be necessary to eliminate these files.


  • Common language interpreter (CLI): This helps the applications that are written in different languages. The developer has to send the codes to the CLI layer to make the .net application run without any barrier.


  • Class library: .net offers the user with a set of standard class libraries that consist of various functions that help the developers in their applications.


One can learn more about the .NET framework by joining the best dot net training center. Most of the developers are making their applications by using .net


  • High productivity: Developers can develop high-quality applications in a much shorter time frame. The productivity of the developer is highly supported, like generics, Language Integrated Query (LINQ), and asynchronous programming. In addition to this, class libraries, multi-language support, common APIs, and powerful tooling make productivity reach new heights.


  • Cross-platform: .Net allows different applications that are written in different to run perfectly on different operating systems. For every platform, be it desktop, or mobile, or micro-services that are running on the cloud, .net provide solutions for every platform.


  • Secured: The managed runtime provides the developer with full security. There are many services that prevent various malicious acts like bad pointer manipulation or changing the compiled code. Since .net is a Microsoft product, Microsoft releases security updates on a regular basis.


  • Open source ecosystemDot Net Is an independent platform framework where various developers contribute to the advancement of this framework.


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